The first Decentralized Platform for Crypto Trading on the Quantum Blockchain

Quantum network is also a decentralized application platform, compatible with existing blockchain infrastructure, and is modularized so new technology can always be added.

Decentralized Trading Platform

Quantum-Safe Certificates

Quantum-safe certificates are X.509 certificates that use quantum-safe encryption algorithms.

While NIST is still in the process of standardizing quantum-safe encryption algorithms, it has identified a number of candidate algorithms and implementations of these algorithms are currently available

Privacy-preserving Transparency

The QUANTUM network prevents fraud and makes compliance with regulations easier through the use of auditability tools, without sacrificing privacy.

Private and Verifiable Computation

Cloud services operating QUANTUM system can outsource transaction processing, without transferring any customer data.

Join a Network of Interconnected Ledgers

Build a specialized ledger and conduct cross-ledger transactions with other ledgers on the QUANTUM network.

Public Key Infrastructure

QUANTUM provides the necessary tools for an auditable append-only key directory, bolstering the safety and trustworthiness of public-key-infrastructure.

Private Payments

Users of QUANTUM can make completely private payments, without revealing information to the public.

Private QUANTUM Applications

QUANTUM can host confidential and anonymous assets and smart contracts, allowing for privacy-preserving QUANTUM network applications and more.

Decentralized Trading Platform

Composite Quantum-Safe Certificates

Composite certificates are similar to hybrid certificates in that they contain multiple keys and signatures, but different in that they use a combination of existing and quantum-safe encryption algorithms. Composite certificates are analogous to having a single door with multiple locks. A person must have all of the keys to all of the locks in order to open the door. The goal of composite keys is to address the concern that any single encryption algorithm, whether currently available or in the future, may be broken using quantum computers. If one of the encryption algorithms proves to have an exploitable vulnerability, the entire system is still secure.

While NIST is coordinating a process to vet and select quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms, these new algorithms have not yet been thoroughly battle hardened. It is possible that security researchers or hackers could discover vulnerabilities in one or more of these proposed quantum-safe algorithms at some point.

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Our Main Features

QUBTC Holders

QUBTC is simple to buy, hold, and sell, making it easy to manage a position in the quantum cryptoindustry.

Wallet Ecosystem

There are a full spectrum of crypto wallets supporting QUBTC, that meet the needs of different users.

Development resources

QUANTUM network also provides mature development resources for blockchain and app development.

Global Network

Quantum Blockchain boasts the biggest PoS peer to peer network, with full-nodes only exceeded by the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks.


Network effects of a public ledger are based on both the number of users and the number of connections between assets/applications on the platform.

By standardizing and simplifying the way financial assets/products are represented on QUANTUM, these asset "code blocks" can be easily composed together at scale.

Buy and sell personal information while keeping it private

Quantum Blockchain addresses the trade-off between the benefits of using private data and the risks of its disclosure. This allows data to remain local, but allows third-party organizations to run certain computational tasks on them to obtain useful calculation results, such as averaging or building an AI model.

How It Works

Data owners approve AI algorithms to run on their data. Quantum Blockchain orchestrates remote computation and execution on data to train AI models, while preserving the privacy of the data.

Private data aids in research, leading to life-altering innovations in business, science and technology. For example, more data improves the predictive accuracy of modern AI models.


Liquidity is the lifeblood of the global economy, yet right now most of the world’s tokens and assets have their limited liquidity fragmented across platforms and do not work well together.

The QUANTUM platform provides native functionality for projects, developers, communities and market makers to create and access liquidity pools at the call of an API.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts meet quantum blockchain.

We put forward the idea that classic blockchains and smart contracts are potentially useful primitives not only for classical cryptography, but also for quantum cryptography. In abstract terms, a smart contract is a functionality that allows parties to deposit funds and release them when they meet algorithmically verifiable conditions, and thus can be used as a formal tool to provide monetary incentives. In this work, we give the first example of using smart contracts in a quantum setting.

We describe a simple hybrid classical-quantum payment system, the main ingredients of which are the classic blockchain, capable of processing status smart contracts, and quantum lightning, amplifying quantum money with a public key. Our hybrid payment system uses quantum states as coin and a classic blockchain to resolve disputes and save a track of valid serial numbers. It has several desirable properties: it is decentralized, without requiring trust in any individual entity; payments are made as quickly as quantum communication, regardless of the total number of users; in case of damage or loss of a quantum coin, the legitimate owner can restore the lost value.

Cycles and schedules

Advanced application interface (API)

Software development kit (SDK)

Java virtual machine (JVM)

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Multi-wallet Ecosyste

Support for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, hardware wallet, web and other clients.

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Coin Prices

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Information about the upcoming Pre Sale.

Pre Sale will be held in three stages:

Stage 1
The blocking period is 6 months.

Stage 2
The lock period is 3 months.

Stage 3
The lock period is 1 month.

The minimum purchase amount for all stages is 500 USD, the maximum is 1000 USD per person.

* Coins purchased on private sale and received during airdrop are not blocked.
* Accruals of purchased coins will be made the day after the last stage of sales in members' personal offices.


Our Distribution

Funds Allocation

Coin Distribution

Total supply (110 000 000 Qubtc)
Community (49 500 000 Qubtc)
Product and Tech Growth (27 500 000 Qubtc)
Team (11 000 000 Qubtc)
Private Sale (11 000 000 Qubtc)
Partners (8 800 000 Qubtc)
ICO (2 200 000 Qubtc)

Our Roadmap

q3-q4 2020
Development and creation of a quantum side chain
q1 2021
Creation of a community. Development of a decentralized quantum network platform
q2 2021
Airdrop. Qubtc private sales •pre-sales. ICOs. Start-up of a decentralized start-up platform
q3 2021
Launch of the QUBTC quantum wallet.

Launch of the main quantum blockchain network. Listing on the main top cryptocurrency exchanges.

q4 2021
Launch of own exchange

Opening of pool mining. Release of quantum tokens based on quantum blockchain. Launch of network of validators. Lifting of quantum nodеs in own network.